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"sbHR is one of the best things to happen to UWS since its inception in 2012. As a non-profit, we didn’t consider HR initially as a necessary function. As such, we were running solely on trust and when challenges started to arise, sbHR came in and made the transition smooth and effortless. I know our company wouldn't be where it is today without sbHR and I would recommend their services to anyone.” 

Confident Smiles of Laurens

“As small business owners, we were constantly using our personal time to attend to employees needs as well as the daily tasks of keeping hours and running payroll. We experienced high turnover and in turn, low morale. The business wasn’t succeeding the way we envisioned it would because we didn’t have time to focus on our core business dreams. After bringing in sbHR, we have a solid support staff, who enjoy coming to work each day and who want to provide the best care to our patients. We now have more free time to spend with our family and our practice is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to sbHR!”

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About Us

Our Mission

Ultimately, the role of HR is to question the unquestionable. To do that, you have to know the business. sbHR services are founded on established HR knowledge and executive relationship management who will know your business. sbHR will turn the cost of managing your workforce into revenue, minimize compliance risk and improve bottom line business results.

Our Competitive Differentiator

We put the Human back in your Resources. Fortune 500 level HR expertise. Proven methodology identifies current costs associated with your existing workforce management. Foundational HR model that fits your business needs, goals and budget. From Comprehensive integration to One-Time projects, we are small business: Big HR.

Our Commitment

Client service is our highest priority.  Client relationships are cared for by our sbHR principals, ensuring that each client receives affordable access to the expertise only sbHR can provide. From unlimited calls and emails, customized templates to onsite integration, we care about your business.

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Eliminate the stress of Workforce Management

Protect your investment. Gain financial growth. Enjoy more time with family.

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We are passionate about small business success and seeing our community grow. 

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Our Principals

Robyn Grable

Robyn Grable is the President/Owner of sbHR, a subsidiary of Service to Civilian, Inc. Ms. Grable is a US Navy Veteran and Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Psychology.  She has over twenty-five years of human resources expertise; which includes workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, government compliance, strategic alignment and relationship management.

Bob Lowe

Bob Lowe is an Executive Consultant with sbHR. Bob has over four decades of Operations and Human Resources experience. His leadership and human resources expertise were essential to the success of this former employer, Nestle USA, where he served as Director of Human Resources for the Prepared Foods Division in Solon, Ohio until his retirement in 2014.  Bob is also the Principal and Founder of People Make the Difference, LLC.

Good to Know

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IRS Publication 15b (pdf)


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